I am a Lecturer in Media and Communication and active researcher in the School of Media at Birmingham City University.

My research illustrates the ways that posthuman subjectivity occurs as a permeable and fluid embodiment between human and non-human others. I have previously focused on the intersections between avatar and gamer, seeking to create empirical accounts of posthuman experience. My continuing research expands on my initial observations to explore the avatar-gamer posthuman subjectivity through different angles, such as death, technoaffect, and tomboyism, as well as moving my exploration of posthumanism into alternative areas of media and culture, including makeover TV, zombies, and music artists. My research interests are posthumanism, digital cultures, embodiment, performance in online contexts and the lived experience in research methods.

In 2017 I completed my PhD project ‘I, Posthuman: Embodying Entangled Subjectivities in Gaming’ in the School of Media and Performing Arts at Coventry University, researching the lived experience of MMORPG gaming with particular focus on the gamer as one embodiment of posthuman subjectivity. On 20th September 2017 I was delighted to pass my viva voce with no corrections.

My background is in performance studies and theatre, and alongside my research and lecturing I have continued to work as an actor, appearing in a variety of performances.