In attendance

‘Reliving the Moment’ Research talk, led by Chris Crickmay (Visiting Guest Artist, FAH), (CDaRE, Coventry University) February 2018

Remix Play 2 Summit (Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University) February 2018

Human/Inhuman/Posthuman summer school (Utrecht University) August 2015

CCSR Annual Lecture – ‘Posthuman, all too Human? A Cultural Political Cartography’ Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University) [virtual attendance via livestream] March 2015

‘Radical Methodologies for the Posthumanities’ Monika Bakke (Adam Mickiewicz University), Lesley Gourlay (Institute of Education – UCL), Niamh Moore (University of Edinburgh), Iris van der Tuin (Utrecht University) March 2015

Various C-DaRE events at Coventry University including ‘Encountering the Immaterial Body and the Incorporeal Event in Digital Culture and Digital Art Practice’ Matthew Causey (Trinity College Dublin), February 2015

‘From practitioner to practitioner-researcher: articulating and evidencing a Practice as Research inquiry’ Robin Nelson October 2014

‘Spaces and Embodiment in Games and Virtual Worlds’ Andrew Burn, Diane Carr, Alison Gazzard, (Institute of Education) and Tom Apperley (UNSW, Australia) and Seth Giddings (UWE) July 2014

‘Inaugural Autoethnography Conference UK’ February 2014

‘Media and the margins’ MeCCSA Conference January 2014

Space, Body, Object roundtable discussions throughout 2014 at Coventry University